WinRAR Password Remover

WinRAR Password Remover lets you open any RAR file without the need of a password. This can be useful for passwords you have forgotten or someone uploaded a file without giving out the password, WPR WILL CRACK THE PASSWORD!

WPR is currently the fastest way to open a RAR file without the password, it uses an advanced bruteforce method that can get your password in minutes, WPR IS 250% FASTER THAN OUR COMPETITORS SOFTWARE!

WPR is a available for free, I won’t charge you for something that everyone should have the right to use, just click the download button at the end of this post to get it.

Our software is completely safe for the RAR file, it won’t corrupt the file so you can open it risk-free, we have tested it hundreds of times on different files and it has never failed us!



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Is WinRAR the best archive software?

WinRAR is most used archive software on the market but is it the best? Well it depends on what you’re doing with the archive. A lot of people have been sayings 7zip is has better compression ratios, that means it can make the file size smaller so you can send the files to someone else faster. But does it mean it’s better, not exactly, this is because it’s not as widely adopted as RAR format. If everyone stopped using RAR and started using 7zip then it would win on almost all fronts but currently most people use RAR format as their choice of archive.

How much better is 7zip? By about 10%, that may not seem like it’s a lot but when you are sending multiple large files everyday it can really add up.

Winrar vs 7zip


How to remove WinRAR password

WinRAR is probably the first software you download when you get a new PC or reformat your old one. It’s extremely useful for when you want to share multiple files but don’t want to send them individually, WinRAR can bunch them up into a single RAR file and you can even password protect it. But this is where some people run into problems, they forget the password. Remembering a password you’re only going to use once is extremely difficult so naturally many people forget it, and as a result all their files are lost. Those could of been important powerpoints for work, or even some precious family pictures, all gone because you forgot the password. But don’t fret, there is a solution available, and best of all, it’s completely FREE!

I started this project after I forgot the password to a rar file that contained some of my school work, I almost failed that class because of it. The RAR file included my final project that was worth 55% of my mark, luckily I had a few days until the due date which gave me enough time to create this software. I couldn’t just make any password cracker I had to make a true remover, I didn’t have time for the bruteforce method where a software tries every single password combination until it finds the right one. That method would take weeks to finish, if it finished at all. I had to develop something that reverse engineered the encryption, something that bypasses the password all together and removes it, and after a few all nighters I finished it. I was able to remove any password from any RAR file, I tested it on my project RAR and it worked, all the files were there and in working order. I was probably the happiest person in the world at that moment.

That brings to me to the present, a couple months later, last week to be exact, a friend ran into the same problem. She had lost her password for the archive, it contained some of her favorite songs that she was moving from her old computer to the new one. She couldn’t go back to the old computer as she already had reformatted it, she was stuck, but luckily I had already developed something for this problem. She sent me the RAR file and in less than 2 minutes I had it opened. At this moment I realized there are probably millions of people who’ve gone through the same problem, I had to do something to help them, and so I created this site.

I am offering this software for free, no cost what-so-ever. I don’t want people to go through the pain of losing all the files and I don’t want them to pay money for such a simple and stupid mistake, you can download the password remover from this site. All you need to do is say thank you in the comments below, that’s all the appreciation I need.